GLR Corporation (GLR) was incorporated in 1995 and is just one of but a handful that is a graduate from the 8(a) Program as of September 07, 2005, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Minority (Hispanic) Woman-Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and HUB Zone Certified with a proven track record of successful contracts from 1995 through the present with the federal and state agencies, and commercial sectors.

GLR has provided a verity of contracts in construction services in vertical, horizontal, and Civil and Structural Design, landscape, proposal writing, emergency response and provide supplies through our partners warehouse in Texas  Below is a list of GLR verity of contracts completed and/or in progress with the federal and state agencies, and commercial sectors: 


For over the past 16 years, GLR personnel have provided Construction Services in vertical, horizontal, Civil and Structural Design 


Currently GLR Corporation is a subcontractor for VCI and VETS LLC and is providing:  Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Installation, Set-Up, Trash Removal, Delivery, and Freight for the Fort Leonard wood Dining Facility.


Since 2007 to Present, GLR has completed proposals for other small businesses.  Two of the small businesses that GLR completes proposals for are VCI and VETS LLC.  GLR has a success rate of 90% of all proposals that we have completed and in 2009 won over $158 Million in contacts.


From September 2005 to September 2006 – GLR was a key subcontractor for Veterans Construction Inc. (VCI), who preformed the following scope of Emergency Response Services for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma Sites for the following Federal Agencies; FEMA, RED CROSS and COE.  Veterans Construction Inc. provided over 400 employees (Key Entry Operators I and II and Translators) whom provided direct support, guided evacuees to proper agencies (and other services), provided translators for most major onsite languages (Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.), provided FEMA registration, made travel arrangements and registration through RED CROSS and also set up computers and other equipment at the following cities/counties in Texas:  SAN ANTONIO, TX – Building 171, Building 1536, Building 1537, Levi Strauss Building, and Montgomery Ward Building – HOUSTON, TX - Houston Astrodome and St. Agnes – OTHER PARTS OF TEXAS - Beaumont, Buna, Cold spring, Crystal Beach, Deweyville, , Evadale, Hemphill, Jasper Co., Jefferson Co., Kirbyville, Kountze, Liberty, Livingston, Lufkin, Newton, Co., Orange, Port Arthur, Sabine Pass, San Augustine, Spurger, Vidor, Winnie, and Woodville. – FLORIDA and NEW ORLEANS


Lake Junaluska – Haywood County, NCProvided Sediment Removal of silt and gravel down to elevation 2554 ft, MSL, within the boundary of Lake Junaluska while the lake was at a low level. 

Rock Levee at Lake Shore Project – Knoxville, TN – Lake Shore Project, Knoxville, TN –Construction for a foreshore dike using approximately 27,000 tons of material was designed and implemented along the river and adjacent riverbanks of the Tennessee River, mile 640.0 to 640.4. 

Drakes Creek - Harlan, KY – Regrading and landscaping, plus loading and hauling of 50,000 cubic yards of material.

Marshall, NC – Provided shore bank stabilization. 

Repair existing slide area at Rockcastle area of Daniel Boone National Park – Lake Cumberland, KY – The project was scheduled for eight weeks and was completed in five.  The work included:  Repairing, extending and adding new corrugated metal pipe (CMP) for drainage that Included placement of base stone and realignment, Installing drainage headwalls, Grading ditches at rear of site on top of the high wall for drainage, Removing existing riprap and placement of geotextile fabric, Replacing and adding new riprap for the full length of the dock area, plugging and adding concrete grouting under the boat ramp, repair and replacement of steps to the dock. This contract was a fast go in and repair of another contractor’s mistakes, which received a letter of Outstanding Performance from Peter F. Taylor, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel, Corps of Engineers Commanding. 

Stream Bank Stabilization, Justice Center Project, Beaver Creek – Bristol, TN – Removed existing concrete wall.  Replaced with a wire mesh Gabion basket wall with railing and repaved the parking area. 


Rail Deployment/Mobilization Enhancement – Fort Campbell, KY we provided facilities (Command/Control, Maintenance, Scale House, and Multi-Purpose) and utilities for a mobile mess facility at the new state-of-the-art on-post railroad marshalling yard.  These buildings will provide required working location not only for personnel, but for automated systems (TCASSIC, TrAMS) and allow vehicle repair on site.  All required utilities (water, sewage, electric, communication) will be extended to the area so support these facilities.  A security fence was installed around these buildings.  GLR Corporation received an Above Average Rating and completed the contract work 43 days ahead of the required contract completion date.


CT Scanner Site Prep – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA

Renovate Public Restrooms, Building – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA

Telephone Switch Site – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA

Furnish & Install Emergency Call Boxes – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA 

Replace Water Distribution System/Plumbing – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA 

Renovate Building 2 A Elevator Lobby – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA 

Medical Gas System Installation – VA Medical Center, Salem, VA  – The scope of work for GLR Corporation was install a new medical gas system and replace main water lines at the Medical Center. Specific tasks of work included:  Repair/Replace Main Water Line gate valves including valves located under pavement. – Replace Sections of Underground Water Main Piping and Drain Lines – Install new Medical Gas System Risers, Mains, and Headwalls in Patient rooms.

Cemetery Area Expansion, National Cemetery – Mountain Home, TN  – Demolition of bleachers contaminated with asbestos: New roadway at north end of site, Complete removal and rebuilding of existing roadways in the cemetery that received an 8 inch aggregate base, 4 inch asphalt binder, installation of curbs, and a 2 inch asphalt wearing surface, Revision of existing site drainage system and installed new drainage at various site locations, to include inlet drains along the new and rebuilt roadways, Excavation, installation of under drainage, aggregate backfill, installation of 1758 burial crypts, and backfill with sand and topsoil, Removed and replaced over 6000 feet of perimeter chain link fence, Constructed brick columns along with a new ornamental fence (600 feet) at cemetery main entrance, Constructed a new Committal Shelter complete with burial bier and extended site electric for the new shelter, Removed approximately 55 trees, provided pruning for 12 trees and installed 45 new trees throughout cemetery, and Provided new signage throughout the cemetery 

Kitchen Repairs – VA Medical Center, Asheville, NC   – The scope of work involved the removal and reinstallation of several items in the Dishroom Wash Area and the Main Kitchen Area that included:

Remove and Reinstall Dishroom equipment, all connecting pipes and hoses, and store for six days – Remove all floor tile and tile base; replace floor tile and base to match existing; reseal all floor drains in the Dishroom Area  – Remove and replace all damaged wall tile to match existing – Overlay Column tile to match room wall color – Remove and replace ceiling tile by installing a 2 x 2 grid washable ceiling.  Install bumper rails at specified locations

Tree Services – VA Hospital in Nashville, TN – Which included; species, and botanical name, size of tree, condition, i.e. insect infestation, disease, fertilization, etc.


Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)


Cherokee National Forest for Ocoee Ranger District in Polk Counties for areas along the Ocoee River where the 1996 Summer Olympic Games were held.  This work consisted of soil sampling, dike construction, landslide reclamation, road grading, and revegetation. 

Cherokee National Forest, Hiwassee Ranger District, Polk, McMinn, Monroe Counties services consisted of ground preparation, liming and fertilization of millsets and logging roads, seeding and mulching of logging roads, and application of top dressing and mowing wildlife forage areas and recreation fields.


Billy Owens Subsidence – East Bernstadt, KY – The scope of work for this project entailed the investigation of a parsonage residence subsidence belonging to Reverend Bill Owens of East Bernstadt.  A site visit investigation uncovered cracking of the house foundation.  The cracking was observed specifically at the right side rear corner.  GLR’s tasks assigned were to include: Surveying of the property to define the lot boundary and locate the structure and borings from the drilling, subsurface drilling investigation and an engineering report.  Three vertical borings and two angle boring were core drilled to a depth below the coal seams or mine voids. Core samples were taken so that an analysis of soils, mining operations, and the stability of the existing area could be evaluated.  The geo-technical data was used to perform an evaluation of the conditions that may be effecting the settlement in the area and the Billy Owens home.  Plans were prepared to include cross-sections from the drilling operations to assist defining the existing conditions of the area. An engineering report was prepared to describe the work performed, including all results obtained from the survey and geo-technical investigation along with engineering design calculations and final recommendations for the area and structure.

Warren Stambaugh Impoundment II, Ulysses – Lawrence County, KYThe scope of work involved: Providing surveying services to develop a plan view of the water impoundment site detention pond.  The survey included: The impoundment pond plus approximately 10-ft around the perimeter of the pond.  The impoundment structure plus the area located approximately 20-feet downstream of the impoundment structure.  Centerline of downstream drainage plus 20 feet on each side for the distance to the asphalt road.  The asphalt road is the one running approximately parallel to Route 23.  This centerline distance is estimated to be about 2500 to 3000 feet.

Patterson Landslide – Anderson County, TN – The scope of work for GLR Corporation was to  Survey and map the Patterson landslide site and conduct a geo-technical investigation to determine the cause of the landslide and provide the water and soils information necessary to develop plans and specifications to correct the landslide.

Lonnie Smith Subsidence – Hazard, KY – This project involved the investigation of a family residence south of Hazard, KY. Movement of various portions of the residence had been noted by the owner and had apparently been worsening over the past few months.  A site visit was made by GLR personnel along with the OSM representative and the owner. 

Hamblin Landslide – Claiborne County, TN – The scope of work for GLR Corporation was to survey and map the Hamblin landslide site and conduct a geo-technical investigation to determine the cause of the landslide and provide the water and soils information necessary to develop plans and specifications to correct the landslide. 


GLR Corporation provided Resource Management - Oak Ridge, TN Reclamation, Buildings & Grounds Care, Revegetation, and Landscape Installation. Work included grounds care, landscape installation, removal of trees, brush, grinding of all stumps, back filling with topsoil, seeding, and straw. 


Four Buildings 4025533 – Knoxville, TN – GLR Corporation provided Grounds Care, Revegetation, and Landscape Installation.  Work included grounds care, landscape installation, removal of trees, brush, grinding of all stumps, back filling with topsoil, seeding, and straw.

Block House Contract 4028083 – Knoxville, TN – GLR Corporation provided Grounds Care, Revegetation, and Landscape Installation.  Work included grounds care, landscape installation, removal of trees, brush, grinding of all stumps, back filling with topsoil, seeding, and straw.


CONTRACT NUMBER:  4300013130

DESCRIPTION:  BWXT-Grease Traps-Cleanout

CONTRACT NUMBER:  4300014680

DESCRIPTION:  BWXT-Oil/Water Separator – Cleanout-GLR Corporation provided BWXT Oil/Water Separator Cleanouts.  GLR Corporation provided Grease Traps Cleanout.

CONTRACT NUMBER:  4300010569

DESCRIPTION:  BWXT-Oil/Water Separator-Cleanouts


GLR Corporation supported Koester Environmental and Fluor Daniel for the Lake Cumberland Debris Management System Project in Williamsburg, KY.  The tasks included: Labor Services – GLR Corporation provided labor workers for the clearing, grubbing, and earthwork for the construction of the Lake Cumberland Debris Management System.  Fence Services – Landscape Services

Holston Army Ammunition Plant Secondary Containment Project –  Kingsport, TN – GLR Corporation provided Labor Services for clearing grubbing, and earthwork.


 GLR Corporation provided Construction of a temporary 200 car parking lot. Erosion control measures, excavation and grading of the project site, alerted the owner of potential earth faults that could occur and would cause premature breakdown of the parking area, provided the final aggregate surface treatment, prepared and surfaced the access road into M4’s main building.  At the end of this contract M4 wrote, “We have abundant praise for both timeliness and quality delivered by GLR.  GLR convinced us of its quality focus when they risked missing their Completion Date to alert our oversight managers to earth faults that would cause premature breakdown of the parking lot if not addressed in the preparation stage.”


GLR Corporation provided Reclamation, Grounds Care, Revegetation, and Landscape Installation.  Knoxville, TN


Oak Ridge, TN – GLR Corporation provided Construction & Landscape – Site Utilities, Site Grading, Renovating, and Landscaping, and Parking Lot.


Oak Ridge, TN – GLR Corporation provided construction at East Tennessee Technology Park (Formerly known as K-25 DOE Site), Oak Ridge, TN -  On Building K-1220 provided repair of roof and repair of office ceiling, and construction at Building K-1401 provided drywall, electrical, block, changed Doors, and placed exit signs.


 Landscape Services