Construction Management

20+ years of experience, working alongside fortune five hundred companies and businesses just getting their feet wet.

Proposal Writing

We still maintain the same people who've written every succesful proposal we've ever written. So you know what you're getting: Success.

Disaster Relief

GLR Corporation has aided in the relief of victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma alongside FEMA, RED CROSS and COE.


We're here to work.

We're a small privately owned business for a reason. We know the advantages of working with and for both the big boys and the little guys. Big boys mean big money, but little guys mean a fresh pair of hands that are willing to go the extra mile to prove what they can do. The world needs both, and that's where we come in: We'll find you a fresh pair of hands- Preferably Veterans of Service- for a price that's fair to everyone involved.

Landscaping and Reclamation

Caring for the land is in our roots. The very blood of the company. It's where we started and what Pappy taught us to know best. Be it for posterity, aesthetics or the betterment of the environment itself, we'll be there with the knowledge and experience to improve upon our world.


Find what you were looking for?

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns. We have options for reaching us at any time, day or night.